Night Thoughts

Night Thoughts – the NEW album from Barry Palmer


  • All sounds wonderful Barry! GOOD LUCK with the release and hope the sun is breaking through.XJo

  • Dear Barry,
    I can hardly wait to hear the songs and album in whole. Will the CD also be available for purchase from this website?
    C├ęcil Meulenberg, Slovenia

  • Some may know Barry Palmer’s voice from Mike Oldfield’s 1983 single ‘Crime of Passion’, or other Oldfield album, single and tour contributions from the 1980s. Others from the late 1970s German progressive rock band TRIUMVIRAT. He recorded a concept album ‘Without an Aim’ (1985), after which some singles and production work followed. Silence after that. And then suddenly in 1999, there was a long-awaited studio sneak preview, a CD-R holding the songs ‘Dear John,’ ‘Ghost of a Love’, ‘Miracle Tonight’, ‘Night Thoughts’, ‘God Knows’. A year later followed by an official CD-single, holding the John Lennon tribute song ‘Dear John’. Last year, 2012, finally gave us the CD album ‘Night Thoughts’.
    Waw, 15 years in the making and what a feast hearing his voice. Penned together with Dave Duncan, ‘Night Thoughts’ actually is like what it says: Reflections on a Man’s life and worries during the twilight of dreams. Mostly, hypnotic melodies, in a simple arrangement, creating some truly strong songs. The beautiful ‘Innocent’ and the monumental ‘Dear John’ obviously being the most evident singles. Songs that clearly show the talent of his voice like ‘Maybe it’s you’, ‘Here it comes again’, and ‘Miracle Tonight’, with the latter reminding me of TRIUMVIRAT.
    Although the album is consistent and makes it a more than a pleasant and relaxed listen, I actually hope that in the future we will hear some of the songs in their more elevated ‘The Way Ahead’ version. Most particulary, ‘Here to stay’ and ’21st Century Game’, because I think the melody would get a well-deserved punch with a richer arrangement.
    Thank you Barry for your second album recording. Please now, with a new aim for the way ahead: record more of your beautiful voice and songs. I am waiting…

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