Night Thoughts is the current album by Barry Palmer, who sang for Mike Oldfield on “Discovery” and “Crime of Passion” he was also the voice on two “prog rock” classics by Triumvirat “Old Loves Die Hard” and “Pompeii”



What people are saying about Night Thoughts...

“what a feast… hypnotic melodies” (Cecil Meulenberg)

“Great album for a thinking person who wants some self reflection, but coupled with surprises that give a sudden lift, and who appreciates good, dramatic backings – I could almost visualise the album as a dramatic musical story.” (John Fisher)

“Night Thoughts is a Must Have!” (Arcadio Del Rey Muñoz)

“Barry Palmer is one of the most unassuming, inoffensive people one could hope to meet, but don’t let this fool you. Barry is a huge talent, a musical perfectionist. Will his records be hits? No, they are far to good!” Mike Fox

“a quality piece of work perfect for chilling out to after a hard day at the coal face” (Pete Whalley, Get Ready To Rock)

“for anyone with a love of ‘the song’, this won’t disappoint” (Rock Society, issue 194) “this album should be listened to while looking at the stars and Barry’s voice is as strong as ever, also the lyrics on this album are absolutely top notch” (The Album Man)

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