I was writing, arranging and producing as well as creating my own record label Pyramid Records, distributed through EMI which unfortunately survived for only about two years, mainly due to the UK economic difficulties at that time.

In the early nineties, I continued performing live and was the lead singer with an unsigned blues-rock band called Jonesville...

Jonesville was a London band formed in the mid 90’s to play blues/rock on the local pub scene. I answered an ad in the music section of “Loot” and the bass player was Dave Duncan who later became my co-writer on ‘Night Thoughts.’

Most of the songs were covers but my favourite was written by lead guitarist Chris Watson and out was called “One Word”

Without any recording deal and wishing to sing as much as possible, I also sang with several London based function bands such as ‘The Wedge’ and ‘Nightshift’.

I started writing and recording with Dave Duncan, penning a significant amount of new material. The general idea was to write for other artists in the hope of getting a big cover. As the writing partnership developed and became more serious, we both decided that it was worth trying to write an album for me to release and a number of songs were written then ...some were rejected but eventually we had enough for what was to become ‘Night Thoughts’. These sessions were done mainly at the studio that Dave had built in his garage at the end of his garden but some additional sessions and mixes were done in other studios.

These are “live studio” recording of Jonesville