Without an Aim

Without an Aim… This album that was the reason I turned down the opportunity to join Mike Oldfield on his “Crisis” tour. I was told by several people at the time that I’d blown my chance of ever working for Oldfield again-he never asks anyone twice.

The thing was, I had booked the studio time and the musicians and I had great faith in these songs. This time we had made a demo of the whole album and my then co-writer, Pete Jackson had his own 8 track studio and we had been building towards this for about a year so I chose not to delay it and put thoughts of Mike Oldfield out of my mind.

It was, I confess, a “concept” album but I always thought of it as a “Rock Opera” kind of thing that maybe could be performed as a live event one day. The album tells the story of a singer who leaves his home town gets into a fight and end up killing a man with a knife.

he is found later, some distance away suffering from severe amnesia and badly injured. In the months that follow, our hero is “Without an Aim”  and without a name if you get my drift. After two unsuccessful brain operations he is forced to come to terms with his total loss of memory and starts to live a new life. He discovers that he can sing while working in a cardboard making factory and to cut along story short, forms a band, gets a deal and becomes a massive Worldwide star. Later, he starts to have flashbacks and realises what he has done. Here is his dilemma-to tell the truth and face the consequences, or to keep quiet and try to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

I still hope that one day, this will see the light of day on a stage somewhere.

Listen to the album tracks in full below (From the Vinyl):

Unknown Singer

Premature Celebration

Staring At Me

Love At First Sight

Sting Like A Bee

Pain In My Head


Dont Be Sad

Accidents Happen

When One Door Closes

We Have Lift Off

Hurts To Remember

Without A Name

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