Maybe I’m Amazed

The story of “Maybe I’m Amazed” is probably the most complicated and is closely intertwined with “The Bump” so I am writing a blog on how all that came about and it’s a long story. for now though, I will just explain how I came to love the song. Like all Beatles fans, I rushed out and bought the first solo album by Paul McCarntney. On first hearing I thought that he hadn’t put the time in if you know what I mean. It was very unfussy-rough even, at times and not at all like a Beatles album.It took a few plays but I soon realised that was why I liked it so much. It had a raw quality that was very hypnotic after a while and there was also the fact that he plated all the instruments himself and for someone like me who can’t play anything properly, that was impressive.

Why “Maybe I’m Amazed” stood out was simple to me. All the other tracks were good and interesting in different ways but this one just jumped out at you and I was astonished that it wasn’t coming out as a single and as far as I knew there was no sign of anyone covering it so that became my quest, to record my version and try it as a single. For the outcome of this little adventure, have a look at the blog.

Listen to Maybe I’m Amazed

Listen to Shes Leaving Home

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